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Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 16:11:33 -0500 (EST)
Subject: cfp: Crossroads in Cultural Studies Bakhtin Session Birm.UK (1/31/00; 21-25/6/00)

Reply to:  M. Michael Schiff, York University, Toronto, Canada
Deadline:  January 31, 2000

Call for Papers for the Session:  "Cultural Dialogues and Dialogic Cultures:
Mikhail Bakhtin and the Communication of Cultural Studies"

A Session to be held at the Third International "Crossroads in Cultural
Studies" Conference 
June 21-25, 2000
University of Birmingham <>
Birmingham, United Kingdom
First keynote:  Stuart Hall

Call for Papers:  "How are theories of culture articulated?  How do theories
of Bakhtinian dialogue inform cultural studies?  Interdisciplinary
presentations are sought which are scholarly, artistic and/or performative.
This session seeks to explore social and political relations between cultures
and across disciplines, recognizing contributions made in the scholarship
arising from the works of the Russian philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin."

Session organiser and chair:  M. Michael Schiff <>
Section: 12.8 Cultural Studies
Deadline for Submission of Proposals:  January 31, 2000

This session has been approved for the Crossroads in Cultural Studies
conference.  There will be five 15 to 20 minute presentations in the 105
minute session.  In addition to the title and a 150 word abstract of your
presentation, please provide mail and email addresses.  Notice of acceptance
will be conveyed by February 18, 2000.  Drafts of papers are requested by
April 15, 2000.

Proposals may be submitted by email (preferably within the text of your
message and not as an attachment) _or_ by writing to:
M. Michael Schiff
Faculty of Graduate Studies, York University
283 York Lanes, 4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Canada
M3J 1P3

It is a conference regulation that participants _must_ pre-register (i.e.,
pay the appropriate registration fee to the conference organizers) by April
30, 2000.

After two very successful conferences in Tampere, Finland, Crossroads has
moved to Birmingham.  The first two conferences attracted over 500
participants from all continents. There are 15 sections with over 125
sessions planned for the third conference.  In addition to Stuart Hall,
keynotes include (with more to be announced): Keyan Tomaselli; Daniel Mato;
Ueno Chizuko.  At the 2nd Crossroads, keynotes included:  Lawrence Grossberg,
Patricia Hill Collins, Catherine Belsey, Paul Gilroy.  At the 1st Crossroads,
keynotes included:  Ien Ang, Antony Easthope, Lawrence Grossberg, Handel K.
Wright, Joke Hermes.

For much more information, go to the conference website:

Information about the very successful first two Crossroads conferences is
available at:

* * * | M. Michael Schiff
York University | Toronto  | Canada
Graduate Programme in Social & Political Thought

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