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Subject: Re: Hypertext & l'ecriture feminine (fwd)

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>Does anyone know of any studies linking hypertext to l'ecriture
>feminine? Just curious.
>Megan Jewell
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Marja Vehvilšinen may have something of this topic in her "Gender,
Expertise and Information Technology. Department of Computer Science Series
A-1997-1. University of Tampere 1997." which is her published dissertation.
In the final pages of her book she writes:

"Technolegy and information technology texts resemble other written texts.
They are produced and interpreted by actual people, women and men.
Production and
interpretation function as, concrete practices linked together with
concrete knowledge,organized within social (gendered as well as power)
relations. The Finnish novelist Leena Krohn (1995) even sees "both
information networks and literature as parallel and open systems, as
extensions of human body and as descriptions of the human mind". The
question of "ecriture feminine", the question whether women can write
differently raised by French philosophers, especially Helene Cixous (Shiach
1991), can be addressed also in the context of technology. We can ask
whether women could make different technology, whether women's voices on
technology would mean different technology, if only women would get a room
of their own, a space with non-suppressive power relations?

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