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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 15:28:55 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Graduate Programme - Gender and Transformation

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Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 09:44:56 SAST-2
From: FRIEDMAN, M, Michelle <>
Subject: Graduate Programme - Gender and Transformation

Gender and Transformation: 
A New Graduate Programme at the University of Cape Town's 
Graduate School in Humanities

The African Gender Institute is offering an innovative Graduate
Programme in Gender and Transformation at the University of Cape
Town's new Graduate School in Humanities.  The Graduate Programme in
Gender and Transformation will equip you with the technical and
intellectual capacity required to meet the challenges of
transformation.  The programme will enable you to apply the knowledge
and skills gained to professional work in: 

. international development agencies 
. public sector organisations 
. private sector organisations 
. non-governmental organisations 
. consultancy

The Programme
The Graduate Programme in Gender and Transformation comprises both
taught courses and research. The courses will bring gender analysis to
bear on the politics of development, policy analysis, organisational
change and transformation strategies.

All courses will draw lessons from the global context, devoting
particular attention to the different interests of the various
agencies involved in development work and the transformatory potential
of different development strategies they deploy. 

Course participants will benefit from the African Gender Institute's
ongoing applied programming in the areas of Institutional
Transformation, Gender-Based Violence and Information Technology. They
will also have the opportunity to interact with  visiting scholars and
associates from all over the world. A limited number of scholarships
will be available.

Further Information
For further information, and application details for the Graduate
Programme, please contact: 
Academic Administrative Assistant, 
African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town, 
Private Bag Rondebosch, Cape Town 7701 
ph: 650-2970 fax: 685-2142 

Michelle Friedman
Programme Convenor
African Gender Institute
c/o University of Cape Town
South Africa
tel: 021 650 2970; personal line: 650 4205; f:021 685 2142

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