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Subject: Cixous question
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 06:27:53 -0600

Hi, everybody. Does anyone know the scoop behind Cixous's two almost
identical essays (which I guess began as a lecture) called "Extreme
Fidelity" (in Susan Sellers's _Writing Differences_, 1988) and "The Author
in Truth" (in _"Coming to Writing" and Other Essays_, 1991)?  In Sellers, a
note at the beginning of "Extreme Fidelity" says that it was based on
Cixous's lecture to the International College of Philosophy in 1984. But
"The Author in Truth" is almost exactly the same text without any mention as
far as I can tell of the earlier essay.

Anyone have the story? Or did Cixous just retain the rights to it and
publish it again in her own volume under a different title?

Thanks in advance for any insight or inside scoopie about this.

best, ddd

     D. Diane Davis
     Rhetoric Department
     University of Iowa
     Iowa City, IA 52242

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