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Date: Sat, 23 Feb 1980 17:37:38 -0500
Subject: CFP: Lived Feminisms Year 2000

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DEADLINE:  July 17, 2000

THEME:  Lived Feminisms/Womanism/New Mestiza Consciousness/Third
Wave/Cyberfeminism: The Year 2000 and Looking Forward

We invite contributions of critical, personal, and narrative essays,
poetry, interviews, and other forms of (written) expression from women,
men, and transgendered people born between 1960 and 1980 who identify
themselves as feminists/Womanists/New Mestiza/Third Wave/Cyberfeminists
(all, one, or some) and/or who incorporate/modify/exhibit
feminisms/Womanism/New Mestiza Consciousness/Third Wave/Cyberfeminism
(all, one, or some) in their lives/conceptions of self and/or work.

Artists/musicians/photographers and webmasters/designers who wish to
make creative submissions need to contact the editor directly

The goal of this publication is to create a grass-roots effort that
makes the voices, stories, experiences, opinions, and personal
brands/lived forms of "feminisms" available to Women Studies students,
students, instructors, the public/community through a publication to be
called a "jourzine," a form that inhabits the spaces between the
"journal" and the "zine."  The jourzine will also appear in an on-line

Advice, guidance, and submissions are also sought from Women Studies,
Gender Studies, Queer Studies, African American Studies, African
Diaspora Studies, Asian Pacific Studies, Chicana/o Studies,
Latina/Latino Studies, Jewish Studies, India Studies, Native American
Studies, Multicultural Studies, Cultural Studies, American Studies,
European Studies, and Political Science professors, specialists, and
grad students.  We are also interested in advice, guidance, and
submissions from (political/cultural) activists, "everyday people,"
professionals, and non-professionals alike.  Please contact with comments, questions, etc.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

your brand of feminism(s), how you developed it and how you use it in
your life
your activisms
race, society, culture, and (your) feminism
racism, society, culture, and (your) feminism(s)
ethnicity, society, culture, and (your) feminism(s)
(your) culture, dominant (American) society and culture, and (your)
sexual identities, society, culture, and (your) feminism(s)
heterosexism, homophobia, society, culture, and (your) feminism(s)
gender, society, and feminisms
sexism, society, culture, and (your) feminism(s)
class, society, culture, and (your) feminism(s)
"disabilities," society, culture, and (your) feminism(s)
geographic location/geography, society, culture, and (your) feminism(s)
religion and (your) feminism(s)
violence and (your) feminism(s)
take back the night and (your) feminism(s)
reproductive rights and (your) feminism(s)
the body and (your) feminism(s)
the "job" and (your) feminism(s)
the "career" and (your) feminism(s)
school and (your) feminism(s)
the family and your feminism(s)
dating and your feminism(s)
love/lovers and your feminism(s)
fat oppression and (your) feminism(s)
skinny oppression and (your) feminism(s)
beauty/style, its delights, horrors, joys, and oppressions and (your)
the word "feminist" and your feminism(s)
the internet and your feminism(s)
list-serves or discussion lists and your feminism(s)
zines and your feminism(s)
coalition and your feminism(s)
publishing and your feminism(s)
fanfic and your feminism(s)
feminist, womanist, third wave, new mestiza, mujeres de color theories,
and the practice of your feminism(s)
_this bridge called my back_ and your feminism(s)
 _to be real_ and your feminism(s)
_listen up_ and your feminism(s)
_bulletproof diva_ and your feminism(s)
_making face, making soul: haciendo caras_ and your feminism(s)
_sister outsider_ and your feminism(s)
_companeras: latina lesbians_ and your feminism(s)
alice walker and your feminism(s)
bell hooks and your feminism(s)
gloria anzaluda and your feminism(s)
audre lorde and your feminism(s)
morraga and your feminism(s)
third wave organization and your feminism(s)
rebecca walker and your feminism(s)
french feminisms and your feminism(s)
any author, poet, text, film, tv program, "star," performance artist,
art, music/musician, social movement, cultural
production/producer/icon/iconoclast and your feminism(s)---For example,
Louise Erdrich, Jamaica Kincaid, Carole Maso, Gayl Jones, Mitsuye
Yamada, Adrienne Rich, Chrystos, Xena, Buffy, Tori Amos, Shabana Azmi,
_Fire_, _Girl Interrupted_, _Run Lola Run_, _Dogma_, etc.
your social identities/experiences and your feminism(s)
your private identities/experiences and your feminism(s)
grrl movements and your feminism(s)
the notion a "feminist space" and your feminism
the First Wave and your feminism(s)
the Second Wave and your feminism(s)
Women Studies programs and your feminism(s)
politics/government and your feminism(s)
in-betweeneity and your feminism(s)
notion/circumstances/consequences of "I'm not a feminist, but..." and
your feminism(s)
notion/circumstances/consequences of "I'm a feminist, but I'm not a
lesbian" and your feminism(s)--For example, what does this phenomena
mean if you are a lesbian and a feminist, what does it mean to
feminisms/womanism/new mestiza consciousness/mujeres de color/third
wave/Women Studies programs
post-structuralism, post-modernism and your feminism(s)

Essays should not exceed 7000 words and should follow MLA guidelines for
citation and presentation.  However, importance is placed on the
contributors writing in their own style or in a style/manner that
emphasizes the form/content of their submissions.  All submissions,
except poetry, should be double-spaced on standard 8.5" x 11" bond.

Submissions can be sent via e-mail attachment to
Catherine Jonet, or by regular mail.  Send two hard copies and microsoft
compatible disk copy to Catherine Jonet, c/o Dept. of English, Indiana
State University, Terre Haute, IN 47809.

Please include a short bio with submissions.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the editor before the
deadline to discuss their ideas, questions, or submissions.  The
deadline for receipt of completed manuscripts is July 17, 2000.

Thank you,
Catherine Jonet

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