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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 09:05:42 -0400
Subject: Diana, Princess of Wales 




Approaching Diana

Although several years have passed since the death of Diana, Princess of
Wales, hardly a day goes by when her name is not mentioned in
newspapers, on television, in countless "true accounts," and, of course,
on the Internet. Even in death, Diana continues to fascinate, to
captivate, to intrigue and perplex. Curiously perhaps, Diana is not only
the subject of popular fascination, but also the object of scholarly
work in an international field called Dianology.

The Diana phenomenon is the subject of the proposed collection of
essays, Approaching Diana. Unlike the other theme-based volumes that
have appeared to date, this collection will focus on different ways of
approaching the study of Diana. These approaches may include, but are
not limited to philosophical, feminist, historical, sociological,
psychological, anthropological, semiotic, deconstructive,
psychoanalytical, hermeneutical, and media as well as cultural studies
approaches. Each contributor will define and name the approach on which
his or her essay is based. Regardless of their approach, contributions
should avoid jargon, include a clear statement of their argument from
the outset, and conclude with an assessment of the power and yield of
the approach used.

Essays should not exceed 20 pages in length (5000 words). Authors are
instructed to use parenthetical references to a list of Works Cited. 
Explanatory notes should be avoided. All contributions will be
peer-reviewed. The deadline for contributions is: January 1, 2001. The
volume is scheduled to appear in Fall 2001. Please submit your
contribution (or abstract) to:

Prof. Rod Heimpel
Department of French, University of Toronto
50 St. Joseph St., Second Floor
Toronto (Ontario)
M5S 1J4 

Contributions may also be e-mailed as attachments in Word or WordPerfect
format to: <>.

This Call, including a Word version of it, is also available online at:

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