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Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 13:04:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: 1. announcement new issue of j_spot:  no. 2, material / bodily / strata; 2. call for submissions for No. 4

The articles on Orlan and Primitive Spectacle may be of interest to this
list.  As well, please see the call for papers for issue 4 below the
announcement for 2.  Members of this list are invited to send papers at any

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1. j_spot: Vol. I, no. 2, "material / bodily / strata" now on-line at a
slightly new location:

2. Call for submissions for No. 4

PLEASE DISTRIBUTE TO ALL AND SUNDRY (with apologies for cross and multiple

1.  The Editorial Collective of j_spot:  the Journal of Social and Political
Thought is pleased to announce the publication of its second issue, entitled
"material / bodily / strata."  Issue No. 2 is available on-line at:

j_spot is a new, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed electronic journal focusing
on a wide range of intersections between theory, politics, culture and social
justice.  In light of contemporary political and intellectual conditions in
late capitalist society, j_spot aims to expand the space for
interdisciplinary critique, innovation and originality.  Already situated in
the rapidly evolving nexus of technologically mediated social and political
change--a transformative nexus which must itself not escape critique--j_spot
aims to give free rein to the crucial, critical energies that aim beyond a
deadly acceptance of the status quo.

j_spot invites submissions for Vol. I, Issue No. 4, entitled "Language:  Cage
or Frontier?"  See the call below.

	material / bodily / strata
	     j_spot, Vol. I, no. 2


"'Weblish' or Perish, or, 'I Touch Myself': Reflections on j_spot the Journal
of Social and Political Thought"
by M. Michael Schiff, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Programme in Social &
Thought, York University

"Left Out: Politics and Postmodern Hermeneutics"
by John S. Howard, Ph.D., Dean's Scholar, School of Law, St. Louis University 
This article begins with a quotation from Georges Bataille's The Solar Anus:
"Everyone is aware that life is parodic and that it
lacks/interpretation./Thus lead is the parody of gold./Air is the parody of
water./The brain is the parody of the equator./Coitus is the parody of
We see this piece on the postmodern turn as an excellent precursor to
j_spot's issue 4: "Language: Cage or Frontier?"  (call below).

"Primitive Spectacle in Black Narcissus" is an exploration of Michael
Powell's 1946 film from the point of view of primitive spectacle and the
imperial gaze. 
by Anh Hua, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Programme in Women's Studies, York

"Adorno and the Muse of the Dialectic (a fable)" is an examination of
Negative Dialectics using Nietzsche and a fable by Kafka  
by Chris McCutcheon, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Programme in Social &
Political Thought, York University
"Contract Labour and Bondage in Andhra Pradesh (India)" visits a bonded
labour system extant in some regions in the state of Andhra Pradesh, 
"throwing light on the pervasiveness of unfree relations," a fascinating
social, economic and political account by lecturers in quantitative
development economics and economics law
by Dr. Wendy K. Olsen, Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Development Economics,
Graduate School University of Bradford, United Kingdom
and  Dr. R.V. RamanaMurthy, Assistant Professor, NALSAR University of Law,
Hyderabad, India

"Grotesque Performativity: Orlan and the Limits of Materialization"  
serves as an examination of the work of French performance artist Orlan and
eleven planned operations in a series of videotaped surgical performances
entitled The Reincarnation of Saint Orlan, in which she invites international
audiences to watch as a surgeon splits the skin of her face, and re-models
it.  Following Judith Butler the author suggests that connections to the
abjection of sex are not the only ones that should be disavowed.
by Jasmine Rault, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Programme in Social & Political
Thought, York University

"Outside of Power, or the Power of the Outside" is a clever essay on the
scholarship of Judith Butler, Deleuze and Guattari, and Foucault;  
by Jon Short, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Programme in Social & Political
Thought, York University


Comments and inquiries to j_spot should be addressed to:


2.  CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: j_spot, Vol. I, No. 4: "Language: Cage or


While the nature, operation, and possibilities of language have been of
concern to philosophy since its very beginnings, the latter half of the
twentieth century has witnessed an unprecedented interest in questions of
discourse, communication, and speech.  Drawing sustenance from a diversity of
critical approaches, social theory in particular continues to develop the
political, philosophical, and cultural implications arising out of the
'linguistic turn.'

What are the critical potentialities that have been simultaneously unleashed
and submerged in this turn to language?  What are the political stakes
involved here?  What is left to be done?  Has the time indeed come where we
can begin to speak of a 'post-linguistic turn'?  If so, what forms might such
a line of inquiry take?

For Issue No. 4 of j_spot, entitled "Language: Cage or Frontier?" we
encourage submissions between and across disciplines that address or expand
upon the above concerns.  Please consult the j_spot Guide for Submissions for submission format and guidelines.

All submissions should be sent to Mike Palamarek c/o,
preferably as a Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, or html file attachment.  The
deadline is September 15, 2000.*

*j_spot also always welcomes submissions and book reviews outside specific
issue themes, at any time.

j_spot is currently soliciting reviewers for submitted work.  Should this
prospect be of interest to you, please email us at a brief
description of your areas of expertise.  For more info, visit .


The j_spot Editorial Collective:
Caitlin Fisher
Chris McCutcheon
Mike Palamarek
M. Michael Schiff
Kathy Walker

* * * | M. Michael Schiff
Ph.D. Candidate | Graduate Programme in Social & Political Thought
York University | Toronto  | Canada

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