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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 09:48:16 -0500
Subject: Re: talking about Irigaray

On first, half-way read blush, and previous admissions re;Martin
repeated, I would say yes to all three questions.  

Must grade papers,
more soon,

michael david pennamacoor wrote:
> hi Catherine, recently you wrote:
> >I would just jump in here briefly to emphasize, as you all know, how
> >important Heidegger is for her work. I think it is more useful to
> >characterize it as a continuing-thinking, rather than oppose it to (or
> >equate it with) Heidegger's project.
> A sort of furthering the thinking from another source? Presencing the
> forgotten, the covered-over of metaphysics (the question of being) has been
> the difficult task of Heidegger's thinking; could we say that Irigaray
> continues Heidegger by reperforming his thinking onto his oeuvre?
> displaying what his thinking has covered over -- the sexual difference?
> air? life?
> >The big difference, of course, is that
> >she takes sexual difference as the (to come) locus of difference, and the
> >to come can be read both logically and historically, a blurring her writing
> >enjoys.
> Is the 'to come' something like Heidegger's ereignis (event of
> appropriation, the admission into the mission sent from the inception, and
> its attendant waiting upon, gelassenheit)? Heidegger's thinking has
> somewhat dis-solved the chrono-logical notions of time, historicity and
> temporality -- this seems true for Irigaray too, can you exemplify?
> >The notion, for example, of the forgotten feminine is central;
> >however, after Heidegger we are certainly not speaking of a feminine
> >essence to be refound and reinstated. This forgotten, and this forgetting,
> >is rather constitutive of the world (of metaphysics), and so, as you
> >intimate, to weave it back into that world would entail its (the
> >forgotten's) invention, and the world's radical change.
> A radical intervention of the obliviated sexual difference: a more original
> cleavage than that of the ontological difference? or perhaps an other
> difference, a different difference...

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