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Subject: Re: talking about Irigaray
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 01:30:27 GMT

Hi Phyllis,

I don't suppose you could tell me where the archives to this list are 
located? I thought perhaps the list was 'dead' as I subscribed and there 
didn't seem to be any activity. I would love to chat about Irigaray and 
love. I know Michael from a Heidegger list where there has been some 
discussion of Irigaray but too many very strong Heideggerians to engage in 
any prolonged way without their frustration at being off topic. I heard 
Irigaray give a talk about Les Souffles Des Femmes in the ICA about two 
years ago and I've been trying to read Forgetting the Air since August.  My 
PhD is about Irigaray and Architecture and it title possibily where Love 
begins. Strangely enough I went to a Jack Caputo lecture this evening and  
his theme was Derrida and deconstruction as the philosophy of love, the 
title of the talk 'For Love of the Things Themselves'. What is your paper 


>I know there's lots in the archives on Irigaray but since I am currently
>working on an article that uses both I love to you and le souffle des
>femmes (am still waiting for the library to locate our text on Heidegger),
>I  wouldn't mind joining  Andrea and Michael in discussing Irigaray's work
>again.   Phyllis
>Phyllis H. Kaminski
>Co-Ordinator of Women's Studies
>Department of Religious Studies
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