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Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 11:27:59 EST
Subject: Re: irigaray & colour


       Strange that I missed such a post. My work on Irigaray tends in these 
directions as well.  I don't know of anything of her's on color, but in Why 
Different, I Love to You, and especially in To Be Two there are references to 
yogic meditations.  There is nothing "on" meditation, as in directly 
discussing various traditions in any sustained way, but the influence is 
definately coming to the surface.  I've been working in my dissertation on 
some similar connections and influences, but in the direction of Tantric 
Buddhism as a system that represents being-two much more fully than most 
Western religious-symbolic systems, and parlaying that into a poetics.  I 
presented a paper called "Irigaray's Eastern Turn" at The Feminine Principle 
conference in Arlington, TX a few years ago.  I would be happy to share it 
with you if you like.  Since you are interested in these elements of her 
work, it might be good for both of us to exhange ideas from time to time.  
What is it that you want to work on with color and Irigaray's work?  It's an 
interesting mixture.


It is equally deadly for a mind to have
a system or to have none.  Therefore
it will have to decide to combine both.
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