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Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 01:02:59 EST
Subject: Re: Beryl Chalk Re: irigaray & colour

Hi Beryl,
       About being branded a mystic, that was me, Simone.  I have a 
suggestion that really helped me out.  Read Ken Wilber's The Complete History 
of Everything (popular version of the tonnage known as Sex, Ecology and 
Spritiuality).  He has laid out a "system" of understanding 'things' in which 
each branch of knowledge is very good at understanding what it's good at 
understanding, but not good at understanding what the others understand.  His 
work is very much about finding ways that each kind of knowledge can 
understand and value the others.  He's brilliant, and not afraid of the 
M-word, or the F-word, for that matter.  And look, scientists, like literary 
critics, really don't like statements they cannot verify by reproducing an 
experiment or by checking them against what ever they think is "reasonable."  
They can be stodgy when asked to consider what they feel uncomfortable 
considering.  Don't worry about that.  Some people will not be uncomfortable, 
and they will also be smart and rigorous.  Yes, they want control of 
knowledge, it's how we make a living -- but their generous disinterestedness 
should also be in operation.  Your project sounds complex, and deep, and 
unsual, and it draws on lots of knowledge that almost no one but you has 
right now.  That's great.  Sometimes those are the very best projects.  

by way of a hug,

It is equally deadly for a mind to have
a system or to have none.  Therefore
it will have to decide to combine both.
             ---  F. Schlegel

Simone Roberts, Ph. D. Candidate, A.B.D.
Humanities: Studies in Literature
University of Texas-Dallas

       "in Literature" means:
(19th and 20th Century European 
and American Poetics and Literature,
Literary Theory, and Feminist Philosophy,
all with a "History of Ideas" flava)

Instructor: Art Insitute of Dallas

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