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Subject: HAB: North Florida Student Philosophy Conference
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 18:25:46 -0500 

Announcement    Call for Papers

The University of North Florida announces the 4th Annual Northeast Florida
Student Philosophy Conference.  The conference will take place March 24-25,

Featured speakers:

Seyla Benhabib, Harvard University:
"Citizens, Aliens, and Residents in a New World" 

James Rachels, University of Alabama/Birmingham:
"How Valuable Is Human Life?"

We invite papers from both undergraduate and graduate students.  Papers on
any relevant philosophical topic will be considered.

The deadline for submissions is NOW FEBRUARY 10, 2000, POSTMARKED.  
Two copies of your paper (prepared for blind review) should be submitted

Undergraduate Philosophy Conference Undergraduate Philosophy Conf.

c/o Dr. Ellen Wagner			 c/o Dr. John Capps 
Department of Philosophy	OR	Department of Philosophy
University of North Florida	   	University of North Florida
Jacksonville, FL  32224			Jacksonville, FL  32224

Please include your email address.  Papers should be less than 30 minutes
reading time (approximately 8-12 pages).  We also welcome inquiries from
potential commentators/session chairs.  We intend to notify participants by
February 20.

The University of North Florida is located in Jacksonville, a few miles
from the Atlantic Ocean and the Jacksonville Beaches.  March is an
especially beautiful time of the year, with pleasant temperatures and
clear skies.  

We hope that you will bring this announcement to the attention of
interested students.

For more information contact John Capps ( or
Ellen Wagner (

The conference is sponsored by the UNF Philosophy Club and the UNF
Department of Philosophy.

See our website at:

Andrew Buchwalter
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, FL 32224-2664
904-620-1330; 904-620-1018 (fax)

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