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Subject: HAB: formal pragmatics
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 00:38:50 PST

Dear List,

I am a very recent member (23/3)posting in from the University of Tasmania, 
Australia. My doctoral research program is focusing upon Habermas's formal 
pragmatics specifically in the TCA. It is my intention to discuss the 
implications for Habermas's more global themes in the TCA, of arguing for a 
wholly pragmatised theory of meaning; i.e one that dispenses with a formal 
component. The basis of my argument will be worked out of Habermas's central 
employment of Wittgenstein/Austin/Searle, that i.m.o, can leave space for 
any  Fregean/Davidsonian semantic formalism. My question is,if this line 
could be satisfactorily argued for; what if any are the consequences for the 
rest of Habermas's themes in the TCA?


Matthew Piscioneri
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