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Subject: Re: HAB: Re: formal pragmatics
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 01:59:47 PST

Dear Gary & List:

Mainly a thank you post.

Yes. Very interested.

>(G) Then, you would be interested in trying to give a realist
>foundation ("Habermas's Theory of Communicative Rationality from an
>Internal Realist Point of View," _The Linguistic Turn in Hermeneutic
>Philosophy_, Cristina Lafont, MIT Press 1999, pp. 283-361) to
>transcendental argumentation (_Transcendental Arguments: problems and
>prospects_, Robert Stern, ed., Oxford 1999, esp. chs. 13 and 14 on
>"content externalism", which includes discussion of Searle's
>subjective realist sense of "the construction of social reality").

This is the perspective I was hoping to hear of:

>It seems to me that Habermas is being
>prospective in TCA, rather than ontologically committed, in the
>spirit of his approach to reconstructive science first formulated in
>_Communication & the Evolution of Society_ (where, somewhere there, I
>recall, he characterizes his work as an open-ended, fallibilistic
>research program, which TCA continues, rather than founds).

Point taken:

>(G) What about "Discourse Ethics: Notes on a Program of Philosophical
>Justification," _Moral Consciousness & Communicative Action_, MIT
>Press 1990 (German: 1983)?

Point taken:

>(G) But Habermas was, there, very much in the middle of his career.
>Habermas' "origins" are dispersed through his career, not set in TCA.
Once again thanks
Matthew Piscioneri

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