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Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 00:54:07 +0100
Subject: HAB: Modernity and impoverishment of life-world


<flushboth>With a slight uncertainty about a particular aspect in my project on 
Habermas's idea of modernity, I'm hoping someone on this fine list 
might be might be able to offer some advice.</flushboth>

<flushboth>From my reading, Habermas regards modernity as an "unfinished 
project", in which religious and metaphysical <italic>Weltbilder</italic> with their 
substantial reasons (separated in truth, normative rightness, 
authenticity or the beautiful) are in the process of disintegration. 
This results in a differentiation of the value-spheres: into sciences, 
morals and arts. Consequently this leaves society with a threat of 
<italic>impoverishment </italic>of the communicative capacity of life-world.</flushboth>

<flushboth>[1986 <italic>Vorstudien und Erg=E4nzungengen zur Theorie des 
kommunikativen Handelns</italic>]</flushboth>

The point of my question is, how does this <italic>Ver=F6dung</italic>, or 
impoverishment, come about and how does it expresses itself? 
What are the implications of this for Habermas's life-world, apart 
from the increasing professionalsation of knowledge? I don't seem 
to be able to find any appropriate readings? Could you point me to 
some sources, or have your any suggestions or comments?



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