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Subject: HAB: Habemas Web Resource & Bibliographies
Date: 	Mon, 17 Apr 2000 21:22:52 -0400

There is an ongoing request for references on this list... which is great, but 
it would be nice if we could have some of the answers (all the answers?) in one 
cyberplace. I know that several list members (including myself) have  
Habermas-related websites, but perhaps it's time that we put together a serious 
bibliography for Habermas with details and (especially) secondary links.

In the past I've done some fairly comprehensive work on Habermas 
and hermeneutics, and right now I'm collecting references for Habermas and 
psychoanalysis.  Perhaps others would be interested in putting together a 
series of Habermas & XXX references.  I'm pretty sure there is some webspace at 
"pulp culture" that could be used for the project.

If anyone has some prefab bibliographies it would be great for them to be sent 
either to the list or myself offlist.  I'll get to work on sorting them out.

How about this: if anyone has reference for Habermas and hermeneutics, please, 
send them along either to myself or to the list (we can start with 
hermeneutics and move through other areas of interest). I should note that 
'book' references are rather easy to find and catalogue, so periodical or 
anthologizes references would be most appreciated.  It would be best to work 
with one-degree of separation first - so Ricoeur's critique of Habermas, 
Gadamer's critique of Habermas... and so on.  Of course, credit will be given 
to those who help with this.

yee ha, another mini-project for the summer,

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