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Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 17:17:35 -0500
Subject: Re: HAB: on Kosovo

I just came across a published English translation (by Stephen Meyer and
William E. Scheuerman) of Habermas's "Bestiality and Humanity: A War on the
Border between Legality and Morality" in _Philosophy and Social Criticism_
6:3 (Sept. 1999): 263-72.  I do not remember anyone mentioning this here
before, and I wish someone had shared this info with the list sooner...

Scheuerman, by the way, wrote a very good book on the early Frankfurt
School legal theory of Neumann and Kirchheimer, _Between the Norm and the
Exception_.  It's very Habermasian, so much so that it's weird that
Habermas neglects Neuman and Kirchheimer in BFN (which Habermas later
mentioned he regretted in his Cardozo Symposium Reply).

Lastly, Thomas Gregersen's useful bibliography from last fall mentions
"Zweifellos.  Eine Antwort auf Peter Handke" in _Suddeutsche Zeitung
18-5-99.  I think I read somewhere that this is a letter in which Habermas
turns against the NATO bombing campaign (about a week or so before it did
end).  Grist for Rob and Bora's mill?  I doubt it, but my library doesn't
get the SZ (nor do interlibrary loan participants), so I haven't been able
to check.  Does anyone know if this newspaper has a website with the
article archived?


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