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Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 11:14:06 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: HAB: Popper / Parsons

re: #57 "Erik/Vic thread"

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JOE HEATH > > > Even the mature conception of the lifeworld, as
involving three dimensions -- culture, personality, and society -- is
lifted straight from Parsons's *The Social System*.
GARY DAVIS>>  But this triarchy is not lifted at all; rather, it is
introduced into an extended hermeneutical discourse (TCA), relative
to his neo-Popperian 3-worlds perspective, which Habermas spends most
of TCA re-thinking, relative to his theory of communicative action,
based in formal-pragmatic features of our anthropologically
deep-seated communicability.

ERIK DAVIS: > I disagree with Gary Davis's comments above.  Popper
certainly plays a role, but it is not immediately relevant to the
culture, person, and society distinction.  Rather, Popper's 3-world
distinction has relevance in TCA II mostly in terms of what one can
refer to in speech acts.  The culture, person, and society
distinction, on the other hand, remains something largely
appropriated from Parsons, as Joe Heath rightly asserts.  Again,see
Ch. 7 as  well as the last two thirds of Ch. 6.


GARY: I don't disagree, Erik (though I disagree that we disagree).
*That* the Popperian 3-world model is not immediately relevant to the
Parsonian triarchy accords with the priority of the Popperian 3-world
model in Habermas'discourse, i.e., an introduction of the Parsonian
triarchy into an already-ongoing ("extended hermeneutical")
discourse; sorry to not write more clearly earlier.



P.S. Is _Techgnosis_ your book?

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