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Subject: Re: HAB: #2: Autonomy as dogma
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 13:22:22 GMT

Dear Antti,

thanks for the ramble :-) I can assure you that all information is useful to 
this struggling student of Habermas!

Your musings here are particularly interesting...

>The Kantian strategy is to argue that we cannot prove that we
>are free (and so autonomous), but all the while we cannot help
>conceiving ourselves as such.

Given many layperson's critical existential attitude has - I would argue - 
both a self-preservationist premise AND the dogma of autonomy at the core of 
their understanding of the world; what chance has a program of critical 
reform which seeks to draw its normativity from sources OTHER than these 
(illusory or not)?

Just an antipodean pre-bedtime thought on a wet July night.

Best Regards,


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