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Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 11:30:17 -0400
Subject: Re: HAB: #2: Autonomy as dogma

Thank you everyone for helping me find the passage where Habermas 
speaks of autonomy as a dogmatic core. I didn't have this particular 
passage of BFN in mind; Iremembered reading elsewhere Habermas saying 
that it is the *only* (or ultimate) dogma he'd admit. But anyways, I 
have retraced, thanks to you all, a passage that I can use in a 
future article on Habermas and the problem of nationalism.

As for the discussion going on, being a "struggling student" like 
Matthew said, I cannot hope to reply to the brilliant ramblings by 
Antti and Ken. But I'll keep on reading, which is where this 
discussion has pushed me into... If I ever have the guts, I'll keep 
you informed of the conclusions I have ran into.

Keep on ramblin'

Martin Blanchard

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