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Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 20:53:15 -0600 (Central Standard Time)
Subject: HAB: To Piscioneri on Piaget

Dear Matthew Piscioneri:  

You wrote that you find unsatisfactory about Habermas's taking
Piaget's developmental model onboard.  I'm not sure whether that
means you find Piaget's model unsatisfactory, or that you find
Habermas's taking it onboard unsatisfactory.  Either way, I'd be
interested in reading why you think that.


Steve Chilton

| Stephen Chilton, Associate Professor, Dept of Pol Science 
|    Univ of Minnesota-Duluth / Duluth, MN 55812-2496 / USA 
| 218-726-8162/7534   FAX: 726-6386   Home: 724-6833 (home) 
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|      'I do not like experts,' he said.  'They are our
|  jailers.  I despise experts more than anyone on earth.'
|      'You're one yourself, aren't you?'
|      'Therefore I know!  Experts are addicts.  They solve 
|  nothing!  They are servants of whatever system hired them.  
|  They  perpetuate it.  When we are tortured, we shall be
|  tortured by experts.  When we are hanged, experts will hang
|  us.  Did you not read what I wrote?  When the world is
|  destroyed, it will be destroyed not by its madmen but by the
|  sanity of its experts and the superior ignorance of its
|  bureaucrats.'
|       - John LeCarré _The Russia House_

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