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Subject: HAB: CFP and New Journal Announcement: Philosophy and Management
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 15:44:08 -0000

Contributions on the relevance of Habermas to modern management theory and
practice will be most welcome to this new journal...

The Journal of Philosophy of Management
First Issue early 2001

Reason in Practice offers an independent, refereed forum for philosophers,
theorists and management practitioners to apply philosophical scrutiny to
management theory and practice. It seeks to define and develop the field of
philosophy of management and is directed to philosophers working in all
traditions. It will be published in English three times each year.

The journal will focus on central philosophical issues of management in
theory and practice including:

o Presuppositions of management including theories of nature, human nature,
rationality, knowledge, legitimacy and rights

o Core concepts in management such as leader, vision, organisation,
stakeholder, motivation, value, effectiveness, work

o Representations of management in different media and managerial myths

o Management methodologies, for instance decision-making, control,
organisation design

o The use of philosophical techniques and skills in management practice such
as dialogue, enquiry, conceptual analysis

o The application of philosophical disciplines to issues facing managers
including organisational purpose, performance measurement, the status of
ethics, employee privacy, limitations on the right to manage

Editor and Publisher: Nigel Laurie, MA, MA, FIMC, MCIM,
International Management Consultant
Chair, Society of Consultant Philosophers

Chair of the Editorial Board: Christopher Cherry, Reader in Moral
Philosophy, University of Kent at Canterbury, England

Editorial Board
Brenda Almond - University of Hull
Robin Attfield - University of Cardiff
Bob Brecher - University of Brighton
Ruth Chadwick - University of Lancaster
Bruce Charlton - University of Newcastle
John Charvet - LSE
Nelarine Cornelius - Brunel University
Thomas Donaldson - The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Robin Downie - University of Glasgow
John Dunn - King s College, Cambridge
Michael Freeden - Mansfield College, Oxford
Edward Freeman - Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia
Anthony Grayling - Birkbeck College, London
Christopher Grey - Judge Institute of Management Studies, Cambridge
Keith Grint - Said Business School, Oxford
Leigh Hafrey - Sloan School of Management, MIT
David Lamb - University of Birmingham
Karen Legge - Warwick Business School, University of Warwick
Michael Loughlin - Manchester Metropolitan University
Catherine McCall - Former Director, European Philosophical Inquiry Centre,
University of Glasgow
David McLellan - Goldsmiths  College, London
Jane Macnaughton - Centre for Arts and Humanities in Health Medicine,
      University of Durham
Susan Mendus - University of York
Richard Norman - University of Kent at Canterbury
David Nyberg - SUNY Buffalo
Yvon Pesqueux - Conservatoire National des Arts & Metiers, Paris
Philip Pettit  Australian National University
Lloyd Reinhardt - University of Sydney
Nicholas Rescher - University of Pittsburgh
Peter Singer - Princeton University
Tony Skillen - University of Kent at Canterbury
Richard Smith - University of Durham
Roger Sutcliffe Chair, Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry
and Reflection in Education (SAPERE)
David Vogel - Walter A Haas School of Business,
       University of California at Berkeley

o Wanted: Philosophy of Management - Nigel Laurie and Christopher Cherry
o Meaningful Work and Full Employment - Robin Attfield
o Why Does Management Appear to Have No History? - Alan Bray
o Are Business Decisions Necessarily Self-interested? - Robin Downie and
Jane Macnaughton
o Reason as Performance: a Manager's Philosophical Diary - Sheelagh O'
o Reviews

Contributions and proposals under any of the following heads will be
o Papers: of 3-7,000 words
o Translations of work new to English speaking audiences
o Review Essays: extended critiques of significant books and conferences
o Review Notes of books, events or significant articles
o Dissertation Abstracts reporting significant research
o Concise Opinion Pieces and responses to articles published in Reason in
Practice and elsewhere
o Symposia
o Interviews with leading philosophers, theorists and practitioners
o Crossover Studies: explications of the relevance of the work of
philosopher to management
o Literature reviews and annotated bibliographies
o Noticeboard announcements of relevant activities, events, research
projects and networks

We prefer submissions by email attachment (Word or RTF format) to
(Please paste a copy of any attachment in the body of the email in case the
attachment is unreadable.)

If submitting on paper, please send three copies, anonymised for blind
reviewing, typed double-spaced on one side of the paper with a floppy disk
(in Word format if possible).
Papers should not normally exceed 5-7,000 words; longer items may be
considered for publication in parts. Please provide an abstract of 100-150
words and up to 10 key
words or phrases in alphabetical order. Also include a brief resume of the
author(s) and
full address for correspondence including phone, fax and email.

(Full author guidelines follow below.)

Please send comments, proposals, and enquiries to:
Nigel Laurie
Reason in Practice
74a Station Road East
Oxted Surrey RH8 0PG
United Kingdom

Tel/fax +44 (0)1883 715419



o Decisions in principle (pending refereeing) will be made and communicated
within 3 weeks
o Rejected manuscripts will be returned to contributors if a self-addressed
envelope and sufficient stamps/international postal coupons have been sent.

o Please send manuscripts as an email attachment (Word or RTF format) or on
paper (three copies)
o Manuscripts should be anonymised for blind refereeing, typed double-spaced
on one side of A4 or equivalent paper with wide margins
o Please number all pages and provide a word count
o If you send paper copies please enclose a floppy disk copy (Word or RTF
format). Please label the disk with the name and version of the word
processing package used. Disk and manuscript texts must be identical.
Changes marked on the hard copy but not on the disk version will be ignored
o The length should not normally exceed 7,000 words; longer items will
usually be considered for publication in parts

Title page
Please include:
o The proposed title
o Author names, qualifications and affiliations
o The full postal and email addresses, telephone and fax numbers of the
author to whom correspondence should be addressed

Please provide an abstract of 100-150 words and up to 10 key words or
phrases in alphabetical order

Please begin this on a separate page and sub-head text where appropriate.
Please avoid abbreviations and footnotes where possible. Spelling should
conform with British English

Author details
Please supply on a separate sheet a brief cv for the author(s) including
qualifications, major academic and other appointments, and publications

o Footnotes will be printed as footnotes on the appropriate page and should
be indicated in the text by consecutive numbering with superscripts thus1
o Please supply them typed double-spaced on a separate sheet

o References should be indicated by giving the author's surname, with the
year of publication in brackets eg Solomon (2000). Where there are three or
more authors, cite only the first author's surname followed by et al eg
Solomon et al (2000).

o If there is more than one reference per year from an author distinguish
each with letters after the year eg 2000a, 2000b
o Please provide a detailed reference list on a separate page. List in
alphabetical order of first author's surname and initials. Give book and
journal titles in full as in these examples:

Books Robert Solomon The Joy of Philosophy New York, Oxford
University Press 1999
Chapters within books Alan Ryan 'Political Philosophy' in: A C Grayling
(ed) Philosophy 2: Further Through the
Subject pp 351-419 Oxford, Oxford University Press 1998
Articles Alasdair MacIntyre 'Social Structures and their Threats to
Moral Agency', Philosophy 74 no 289 (July 1999)
pp 311-329

Any artwork should be of camera-ready quality. Figures and diagrams in the
text should be created using Word or imported in WMF or BMP format

Proofs will be sent to the authors if there is sufficient time to do so.
They should be corrected and returned to the Editor within three days. Only
typographical errors and other essential corrections may be made

o Material accepted becomes the copyright of the Journal
o Submission of any material will be held to imply that it contains
original, unpublished work and that the lead author has obtained any
copyright clearances required

Free Copies
o The author will receive two free copies of the issue in which it appears.
In cases of two or more authors, five free copies of the issue will be sent.
Additional copies can be ordered at proof stage
o Free copies of the relevant issue are sent by surface post shortly after

 Copyright Nigel Laurie 2000


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