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Date: 14 Jan 2001 19:02:57 -0000
Subject: HAB: Help, please

Hello All:

I am an undergraduate philosophy/mass communication major at the University
of North Carolina at Asheville, and I am going to be writing my senior
research thesis on Habermas' notions of paradigm and paradigm shift.
Specifically, I will be questioning whether or not Habermas is a radical or
a conservative. He criticizes the circularity and emptiness of positivism,
yet he refers to (what I think are) the positivists' institutional
when deciding who is communicatively competent and who is not (...i.e. his
reference to Kohlberg, experts, etc.). Can anyone direct me to important
passages where Habermas talks about the feasibility of a paradigm shift
toward a critical method and rising above the current paradigm that
distinguishes positivist methods and hermeneutics when studying human


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