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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 20:54:20 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: HAB: No, Re: Lacan and Habermas: understanding as control?

K Through near exhaustive effort, I've tried, at least in some way,
to illustrate the Habermas's reading of Freud is indebted to his
reading of Hegel, ....

G: No, you've cut-and-pasted a long discussion of Habermas' *reading*
of Hegel, but that reading is not itself Hegelian, and shows nothing
about Habermas' assumptions in his reading of Freud, which happens to
rely on lots of influences, as I've said before. My point had
been--and remains--that Hegelian readings of Habermas are invalid,
not that Habermas has not done outstanding work on Hegel. 

K:...which, in turn, is informed by the real locus of Habermas's
identification: Kant. 

G: This is one of the most common misreadings of Habermas, confusing
the critical relationship to a philosopher with a subscription to the
philosopher's assumptions.

You're a Hegelian, not Habermas.

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