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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 12:34:01 -0800 (PST)
Subject: HAB: "Competent Need-Interpretation and Discourse Ethics"

In a recent essay (available online; see below), Joel Anderson sets
out to "...put[] pressure on Habermas to revise his discourse ethics
in a way that better appreciates the pragmatic nature of the
presuppositions of practical discourse."

I believe that JH does adequately (appropriately enough, validly,
etc.) appreciate the presuppositions of practical discourse and that
Anderson's outstanding discussion (which I am enthusiastically
recommending) is ultimately dependent on misreading of Habermas'
texts (importantly, though!) for its advisory. 

There is no basic incommensurability between Anderson's understanding
of the issues and JH's understanding (i.e., Anderson's views are
basically compatible with Habermas'--notwithstanding Anderson's
reading of JH which urges remediation of Habermas' thinking). In
short: No revision of Habermas' understanding is justified (or
validly urged--validly argued). But Anderson's discussion
*exemplifies* what critical engagement with JH's work is at its
best--and what has become of *practical* self-reflection in Habermas'
work (beyond the earlier emancipatory interest and the psychoanalytic
example of self-reflection).

"Competent Need-Interpretation and Discourse Ethic"

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