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Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:00:17 -0600
Subject: Re: HAB: more help, please

On compromise and consensus: start with the index to _Between Facts and
Norms_, then see Tom McCarthy's contribution to Rosenfeld and Arato, eds.,
_Habermas on Law and Democracy_ (esp. p. 129, n.44) and Habermas's reply to

Also, everyone: I came across a special issue of a law review devoted to
Habermas on Law and Democracy: Denver University Law Review 76:4 (1999).
It includes the short summary of 6 main BFN themes by Habermas that is also
published in the Ratio Juris special issue 12:4 (1999).  It also includes
essays by Mitchell Aboulafia, David Rasmussen, and Frank Michelman,
although some of the other pieces look pretty bad.

Lastly, I want to second Kevin's recommendation of Joe's excellent book.


At 09:08 PM 1/26/01 +0000, you wrote:
>Can someone direct me to a place where Habermas distinguishes between
>compromise and consensus?
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