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Subject: HAB: Re: The German context
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 08:13:29 

Dear Thom & List:

This issue still confuses me & I would appreciate anyone's views:

>Does it turn out that taking Dr. Habermas to heart undoes his own 
>For example: Does the actuality of reconstructive scientific research
>corroborate or discorroborate Dr. Habermas' own stances on specific
>genealogical issues? His own approach to discourse entails its application
>to his own formulations.

In one sense it is that old *relativism of relativism* question...or in this 
case the fallibilism of fallibilism. Is there a unique point in JH's 
methodology when the fallibilist qualification to his research program kicks 

Are we to take the importance of universal anthropological competences to JH 
as before or after the fallibilism, for example? Likewise with the validity 
claims raised by speech acts. Are these non-negotiable (or in context) 

Thanks in anticipation,


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