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Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 19:42:35 EST
Subject: Re: HAB: "German" contexts? No: global localities--"in the name of humanity"

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> The key is in the performative
>  contradiction.  If one is unable to corner a skeptic through
>  this device, then something is wrong with one's understandings
>  of the presuppositions of argumentation, and one must
>  reconstruct them (and thus discourse ethics) afresh.
This is not the problem that I run into normally.  However, when I explain 
the vision of critical theory and Habermas' perspective then I do perceive a 
skeptic emerge.  To understand and accept Habermas understanding requires a 
great deal of plain old reading!  Anyway, the problem that I run into is 
spelled out repeatedly by Habermas: The prevalence of strategic orientations 
requiring transformation into communicative action contexts through 
therapeutic dialogue
against the prevailing ethos which is "enforced" by power and money.


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