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Subject: HAB: The German context 
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 08:54:47 

Hello List,

If we can put to one side E's interesting characterisations of the 
differences between German & USA's management techniques, for example, then 
I think the comments on JH's _BFN_ are instructive for this reader at least.

I don't think it is useful to ignore what I might call the 'democratic 
psychosis' at the heart of a lot of JH's work. Of course reading what JH has 
to say about his historical background in _Autonomy & Solidarity_ his 
fearing for democracy in the FDR is understandable.

I guess what this rather ad hoc post wants to say is that in tune with Max 
Pensky and the mysterious E, overlooking the acute situatedness of JH's work 
is to miss out on the centrality of JH's theory-as-praxis as political 

Of course, it all depends on the reasons you come to Habermas or what uses 
you have for his communication theoretic. If you want to build an 
understanding of his work then the German historical context is one part of 
the jigsaw. If you want to use JH, then it's a different story I suppose.

regards to all


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