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Subject: HAB: Re: Bob Scheetz (re: this month's "samizdat")
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 11:21:52 -0500

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Subject: HAB: Bob Scheetz (re: this month's "samizdat")

> --- bob scheetz <> wrote:
> >...would it be possible, in the ideal court of discourse ethics, to
> entertain the righteousness of a 9/11 strategy?  
> Would it be possible for you to interpret something in *terms of
> Habermas's work* or to share your engagement with his work or foster
> engagement?  Or is this just not possible for you?  
> Show how your comment above is not about rationalizing pathological
> violence.
> Make a case, in terms of JH's work, one way or another, about
> something specific. Or get specific about something in JH's work that
> you want to understand--or share with others what is worth their
> thinking about, in your view, relative to JH's work.  In all the
> years of interaction here, is there nothing worth your participatory
> follow-up? 
> Why should one not see a posting from you as just something to delete
> without reading? (I confess that I got to that point long ago, but
> ventured to read your posting tonight, only to regret it, again).
> Be constructive, please. Thank you.
> Gary

howabout "one" just keeps on delete'n, eh.  bob

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