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Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 09:28:18 -0500
Subject: HAB: New publication (english)

I don't recall having read here on this list the announcement of a new set
of essays from Habermas, "The Liberating Power of Symbols" at MIT Press.
This is a translation by P. Dews from a 1997 book, "Vom sinnilichen Eindruck
zum symbolischen Ausdruck".

Here are the chapters:

1- The Liberating Power of Symbols. Ernst Cassirer's Humanistic Legacy and
the Walburg Library

2- The Conflict of Beliefs. Karl Jaspers on the Clash of Cultures.

3- Between Traditions. A Laudatio for G.H Von Wright.

4- Tracing the Other of History in History. On Gershom Sholem's Sabbata

5. A Master Builder with Hermeneutic Text. The Path of the Philosopher

6. Israel or Athens: Where does Anamnestic Reason Belong? J. B. Metz on
Unity amidst Multicultural Plurality

7. Communicative Freedom and Negative Theology. Questions for Michael

8. The Useful Mole who Ruins the Beautiful Lawn. The Lessing Prize for
Alexander Kluge.

130 pages.


Martin Blanchard

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