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Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 07:26:38 +1100
Subject: Re: HAB: Habermas-Gadamer debate

Dear Evengi,

Try How, A (1995). The Habermas-Gadamer Debate and the Nature of the Social. Aldershot, UK: Avebury. I found it very useful in outlining the key issues.



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Dear listmembers, 
I have been reading on Habermas-Gadamer debate recently and was 
wondering if anyone could recommend me a good source (besides Knowledge
and Hermeneutic Understanding by D. Teigas) on the following issue in this 
debate - the question of tradition, especially its relation to Gadamer's notion
of "truth" that, if I understand correctly, he borrows from Heidegger. Teigas's
book doesn't explicitly mention Habermas's position (or I simply missed it) on
the issue of "truth" though it seems like this position would be related to H.
critique of Gadamer's rehabilitation of tradition - thanks in advance...


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