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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 14:15:02 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: Re: Heidegger, Kant, transcedental horizons of the analytic, etc...

On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Christopher Honey wrote:

> Could anybody recommend some books on Heidegger's idea of time (other
> than "Being and Time", I mean),

Try GA20 ("Prolegomena to the history of the concept of time")
as a start.

>particularly as it might relate to the Kant's conception of time.

Try GA21 (Don=B4t know of an enlish translation, bit in German it=B4s called
"Logik. Die Frage nach die Wahrheit"). This contains stuff on Kant, and
especially on Kant's conception of time.

Also GA24 ("Basic problems of phenomenology") has something on time at the
end, but not so much explicitly in relation to Kant (though Kant's thesis
of Being is discussed earlier in this work.

Both in "Kant and the problems of metaphysics" and the course
Heidegger held at Marburg leading up to it (GA25 "Ph=E4nomenologische
Interpretation von Kants KdrV", to be published in english I think)
Heidegger focus on Kant's schematism and the project of making the
catogies "sensible", where time plays an very important role.

For commentaries on the issue, see
Sherover: "Heidegger, Kant and time"
Kr=FCger: "=DCber Kants Lehre von der Zeit" (in "Anteile. Martin
Heidegger sum 60. Geburtstag")
Dahlstrom: "Heidegger's Kant-Courses at Marburg" (In "Reading Heidegger
from the start", edited by Kisiel and van Buren)

There's more, but I have to dig a little, so we can return ti the issue if
you're interested.

Henning Karlsen Lindem
University of Oslo

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