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Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 15:16:32 -0330 (NST)
Subject: Re: Heidegger, Husserl and perception

	Hello Henk,
	At the end of your recent post to Anthony, you cite a passage 
from SZ, where Heidegger refers to "a making-present belonging to the 
unity of that temporality in which... etc". Inasmuch as the factical 
structure of the world, exemplified by the phenomena of presence-to-hand
and readiness-to-hand, is grounded in the nullity of temporalizing; and 
inasmuch as the possibilities for comporting myself (as well as the
possibilities that I have carried out and that I am carrying out)
are 'in' this nullity as well, how do you see the meaning of this 
"making-present"? It belongs to the span of the past and the present and
the future, a span with a factical surface and a temporal depth; but
what does this mean? It seems that the factical is 'made present' via
not only comportment, but even more importantly (as a condition for
comportment) the movement of time (not Dasein, but the abyss). Do you
think, then, that making-present refers specifically to the middle term
of the span (ie. the present), or does it mean something stronger? 
Perhaps the way in which time, as temporalizing, is an exposing of my
being to facticity?

	If so, what does this mean? Heidegger seems clear that such a 
movement does not involve a materializing or an actualizing. Would it 
be apt to say that on this level of analysis, we are no longer interested
in conceptual accounts (metaphysical or otherwise) of entities, but are
instead concerned with the 'pulsation' of time itself, and how this 
pulse renews my acquaintance with the possibilities of my situation? 
Is it not rather fantastic and strange that in Heidegger's philosophy 
there does not seem to be any interest in 'actuality' as an inherently
informative principle of being?

	Just some thoughts, which I hope have at least some degree of
intelligibility to them.


                                           Daniel Tarte

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