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Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 10:19:23 +0900
Subject: Re: Lichtung

> most philosophers took a distance from the "static" metaphysics by
> Plato.         Still, one is believing that behind our concrete reality
> is a second reality. We cannot say much about this but sometimes we
> get an inkling of it in what is called a "Lichtung des Seins".
>      Quite a few theologicians are happy with this kind of thinking
> and see it as an experience(revelation) of transcendence.
>      Still, Kuitert says, one stays in this way in the metaphysical
> realm.
>      So, my question is:
>      is "Lichtung" still a kind of transcendence?

   Very impressive.

   "transcendence" means especially for Freud "retrospective".
   "Lichtung des Seins" is just "now", just this moment.

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