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Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 18:11:51 +0000
Subject: Re: Liberation of Selfhood.

hi Jan

oh this all sems like a can of words [sic] this memory thing... if  liberation of selfhood
would imply a loss of memory then we'd be in Nietzsche territory, n'est pas? Nietzsche
says that a bridge to higher rainbows would come from a freedom from revenge against time
and its it was: the past not-passed. The entire new metaphysical stage is bound up in not
being repulsed by the non-willed past, the tradition, memory (acting as a 'hold' on the
present and thus the future): the presencing of the present(ed beings) not re-presented
but just presented, simple presencing of being as such... as willed. The new being-human
who sur-passes the last man in willing being, as bringing the past through the impasse of
a passing through and beyond it self, a threading through of the threads gifted by some
metaphysical Ariadne... what a thought! what gives?

best willings


>yet, what is [a] memory ?
>- it seems like a grid, a dialectical constellation scaffolding the
>  future with the past [and v.v.] in the now
>- it seems like a house, a familiar place for shelter with rooms
>  to hide and landscapes to home in
>- it seems like a mechanism, a strange machine with its own
>  interior logic and telos [a machine with a "conatus" in the
>  Spinozian sense, as in: "conatus sese conservandi" and
>  "conatus sese praeservandi"] but also of waves of accumulation
>  and chaos
>would liberation of selfhood imply/require loss of memory ?
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