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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 12:12:09 +0100
Subject: Re: <fwd> S.J. Gould on new genome findings

>> >or ...  it's about you, so do you care?  But when you are no longer
>there, da, the choice isn't really there too, not?
>> and so aren't we all -who know- maliciously guilty too ?
>No, you simply are not (da) - in the language of 'guilt': is that not enough
>of 'punishment' ?

Jan, Malik, Catweasle,

Sure, guilt is something personal. Meanwhile any possible sort of disaster 
is spelled out in any possible sort of "information". Amazing to see, how 
Catweasle - thanks for your reaction - completely refuses to see the 
enormity of destruction, that science made possible, and real, in the last
What was the consequence of this finest positivist period of the fin de
wherein German, French, English, American scientists worked like monks for
ever rising humanity: the industrial killing of WW1. (compared to which a
is just a holiday)
Something, another lazy philosopher, Nietzsche, had seen coming, and warned
for with
a loud voice. He advised Bismarck, to lay arms down ... 
N.: "The interim-character of national wars" "Europe only wants one thing:
to become one."
"What if Napoleon ..."  Etc., etc.
(For the morbid relation of this to the holocaust see: Omer Bartov: Industrial
killing: World War 1, the holocaust, and representation. The idea: The only
to prevent the horrible massive killing, is horrible massive killing of those,
who want to horrible massive kill you. 
The term "representation" may come as a surprise, behind it is Heidegger's

Though I am quite sceptical about America and history. Bartov speaks of the
"US, where 
history is popularly evoked as an adjective for whatever has become
We're not far behind. 


>> >Anyway, Jan, thanks for spamming,
>> do you want some more ? --- i've just received a piece called
>> "Bombing of Bagdad helps Wall Street" arguing an on-line
>> links and command lines between the analists in the Pentagon
>> and those on Wall Street
>spam that to me please, if possile state a source ...

Martin, I only send mails to the list. If you don't want that, please let
me know.

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