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Subject: Re: Verlassenheit macht Frie!

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>Allen wrote:
>"As he does elsewhere, Heidegger strongly directs his students to  attend to
>Aristotle as an ethical teacher and spiritual director,  requiring that they
>set all "religious" perspectives aside in order  that philosophy ( whose
>proper focus is the investigation of 'the  possibility of life in itself) be
>able to show itself as what it is.  Towards the same end, he also requires
>that his students place  themselves 'at the disposal' of the text by
>recognizing that they are  'needing to be told. . . that in some regard,
>something is still wrong  with us' that philosophy, properly understood, in
>in a unique  position to correct.'
>So listen up Catnip!
>I have seldom come across a more pertinent  example of the regimental German
>mindset in contradistinction to the British. Germans love this  total
>abandonment to authority, whilst the British naturally bridle against it. If
>any academic ever stood on a British podium and said:  "Place yourselves at
>my disposal" or "You need to be told! " he'd end up on his arse in the
>quadrangle.  You have naively and unwittingly supplied us with a delicious
>insight into the mind of the man who later became a Nazi.  If the sad day
>ever arrives again when words such as Heidegger's are taken seriously, then
>it will be a sad day for mankind  indeed particularly the minorities. I am
>utterly amazed that you take this man seriously and can't see through him
>for what he really is.
>Verlassenheit macht Frie!

I think freedom can become an obsession, thereby enslaving one to the 
endless task of assiduously avoiding  any relationship which carries 
with it the ties which bind. Of course it is precisely those ties 
which enable love-- the being-with, according to Augustine, which 
makes understanding possible.

Diligere et quod vis fac,

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