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Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 18:08:41 -0000
Subject: Re: Liberation of Selfhood.

Hi Michael,

Hope you are well. Someone sent me this and I thought you might 
like it, what a wonderful philosopher.

For manifestly you have long been aware of what you mean by the 
'loving.' We, however, who used to think we understood it, have now 
perplexed. Do we in our time have an answer to the question of 
what we
really mean by the word 'loving'? Not at all. So it is fitting that we
should raise anew the question of the meaning of loving. But are we
nowadays even perplexed at our inability to understand the 
'loving'? Not at all. So first of all we must reawaken an 
for the meaning of this question.

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