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Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 13:11:26 -0500
Subject: Re: Rhetoric

At 6:09 PM +0200 5/8/01, Rene de Bakker wrote:
>That's a good link, metaph. home position - Novalis' saying. Indeed
>Heidegger has then reached a new place - but not itself a metaphysical
>That went 'wrong' after BT, when, together with Scheler, he wanted to start
>a new metaphysics, with an ontic approach of Dasein, which would parallel
>Scheler's "The place of man in the kosmos". In Poeggeler's last book he gives
>a good historical overview.
>In the same year 1928 was the Marburg lecture "Metaphysical foundations of
>In it is this astonishing phrase:  The possibility, that there is Being in
>[Verstehen], requires the factical existence of Dasein, and this
>[existence] again
>the factical occurrence of nature [Vorhandensein der Natur]." (GA 26,
>German p. 199)  
>A radical reflection on the possibility of a fundamental-ontology can only
>begin, when
>the fact is acknowledged " ... that a possible totality of being(s) is
>already there."
>[dass eine moegliche Totalitaet von Seiendem schon da ist]
>Poeggeler, in "Heideggers logische Untersuchungen", gives a note, made by H.
>after the 1st Aristotle lecture: "not life, not world, but Being, Dasein."
>I was thinking too of a phrase I remember of the Nietzsche-volumes, where he
>says about Aristotle, that he could only come after Plato, after the 'idea',
>but that he is more Greek than him. That MUST be physis.
>I'm just thinking out loud: What about the Jews and nature?

What first came into my head in  response to your question was  a 
line said by Kathryn Hepburn to Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen: 
"Nature, Mr. Olner is what we were put here to rise above!"  I also 
read recently that Origen had himself castrated, which was 
disappointing news. But neither really has to do with your question.

The Jews have an exclusive-- I would say ruthlessly-- monogomous 
hermeneutical relation to the Word. Eckhardt learned his lessons from 
Maimonides well: " All words gain Power from the first Word." That's 
the beginning and the end of it, "the he and the she of it" ( James 
Joyce).  Some diverting nature poetry in some of the prophetic 
imagery and Psalms, but then with the Rabbis, it's back to work.


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