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Subject: Re: misunderstanding the statement
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 17:13:50 -0400

okay, briefly... when he aspires to a total understanding of the
constitution of Dasein then this means that everything is a modification of
some primordial meaning of care, everything is a relation of temporality as
the meaning of care. At least in BT this means that there is no absolute
distinction between Being and beings. The ontological difference remains
intact. Listen to this, he says that "when an assertion has given a definite
character to something present-at-hand as such. The as-structure of
interpretation has undergone a modification." (H158). But then the
"as-structure" is working like a subject or ground relating in its
modification to an object. Relation itself is the essence of assertion or
propositional discourse, the logos that worries Heidegger.. The
interpreation in BT seems much too assertive and not reticent, not quiet at
all. Heidegger is a voiding his own analysis of Dasein as abandoned or
foresaken.  Interpretation in its "uncanny individualization", in the end of
all ideal and universal aspiration by Dasein breaks, detaches Dasein from
all relations, fractures Dasein's aspiration to wholeness. Heidegger himself
says that Dasein's "owmost possibility" is "non-relation and not to be
out-stripped". Anxiety as a mood takes  Dasein from the comfortable and
familiar tranquilization of the they-self and throws us at death, at silence
and solitude, and leaves nothing that touches, nothing that relates,
absolutely nothing remains intact and whole.

Oh God, okay, i got that off my chest :)


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