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Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 18:32:36 -0700
Subject: Images ought that attempted be

Images created by la langue, at the curl of a tongue, in the slight wry
twist of an l sound dipthonging long down into an m, ars gratis artis at
the corner bar, a place where beer and conversations create ever newer
thingings as the new dust that is new covers over the olddust that is old,
all meanwhile as inside the intersticistics of the meaning of what is said,
well, here is that point where the meaning changes. It would be wrong to
speak of a courting here, a wooing of the word, for that would engender
something already engendered, which is to say, to make the familiar into a
familiarity, as in making the uni into a unity, the one all as the all one.

But this is an ancient story, and beer is not born of man things but of
plant things, arrows as you know are made of wood, timber, and riches
beyond measure are piled inside all the stardust of christmas's past that
senti.mentally beguile us into the deep attractions found in san francisco
sourdough breadsticks.

or rather, another, which itself came from another another, but then black
is the melody of that long song, stretched farther than any word could ever
say - - -


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