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Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 18:14:40 +0200
Subject: Re: misunderstanding the statement

 At 11:22 30-6-01 -0500, Allen Scult wrote:

>Im at an island, which has brought on a mood, not unlike that 
>shared/communicated by Razumov-Conrad-Kenneth-Rene some threads ago.  What 
>can be shared by speech, what can be recognized, re-cognized, 
>known once again as it was first known, is what IS,  even as what IS 
>for us is constituted by such repeatable moments of speech.  These 
>moments of speech play off of the expressedness of understanding.  
>Such shared understanding (indeed there is no other kind!) is 
>"possible only in that it lies before us as something expressible" 
>(the foregoing, an approximate translation of". . . was allein so moeglich
ist, dass es als Aussprechbares vor-liegt"[#32, SuZ]).

>The bright sunlit solitude of this place seems to encourage such >moods of
>Perhaps because the moments I see and hear have been repeating themselves
>recognized by successive generations of Chippawa, French, even perhaps the
>white Scandanavians.  As Heidegger puts it, authentic historicity shows
itself by our being able 
>to return to it again and again in its "how."  And as you say so well(
repeating a re-cognition 
>I am able to recognize and so perhaps repeat), in philosophy, the "how"
links the saying to 
>the stream of thinking-saying from which it springs( beginning this round
from GA 45:
>.>"The Wesenserkenntnis must - if it is to be communicated (Mit-Teilung) -
>itself be executed again by the one, that was to pick it up.
>More precisely, it can't be communicated, in the sense of the
>circulation of a sentence, the content of which is grasped simply,
>without reproducing the grounding and extraction. Wesenserkenntnis
>must always by everyone anew be extracted (nachvollzogen), in the
>authentic sense be CO-extracted (MITvollzogen)."
>Therefore, when I circulate something Heidegger wrote, f.i.: Das Sein is es
>selbst, I am obligated, to re-enact the grounding of what I take it is that
><is said here. If I don't do that, I just wake up sleeping dogs.
>But when you do do that, you awaken the Dasein within ourselves.


This Dasein within ourselves can only be reached for in fundamental mood,
Grund-Stimmung. And even Heidegger (or Moses) cannot wake you up,
if you don't yourself. Normally, and I'm speaking only of myself, one
doesn't want to wake up at all, or only 'as if'. 

1. GA 29/30: back into the hidden ground of Dasein = letting become awake
    the tiefe Langeweile.

2. Ground brings the totality of what is, into play: das Seiende im Ganzen.
    Not this boring book here, or that missed train, although it is necessary
    to see what precisely happens with these, they too are far from normal.

Momentarily I'm struggling with this: mood and totality, trying to think
the "im Ganzen".
It seems something that strictly can't be done. Not, that one could not
write books 
about it, but the experience seems not doable. But it must. Because (let's
Heidegger has convinced you that this going back into the ground, or into
the initially, 
is necessary. Loosing familiar ground, standing becomes floating,
'schwingen' is a word,
that sometimes pops up decisevely. 
(Compare also Kenneth's incommensurability of saying and seeing)


Meanwhile I found today a long-sought for, short comment of Ernst Juenger
on Heidegger, in a little
book by Richard Wisser, the tv-interviewer:

"Simple as a farmer, but like one in a fairy-tale, who can change at will.
im tiefen Tannenwald" [Treasure-keeper in the deep fir woods - Wilhelm Hauff] 
Something of a trapper was there as well. That was one who knows [.....] a
cunning side glance betrayed it. "


"A simple word like 'Being' has greater depth, than can be expressed, yes
even be
thought. A word like 'Sesam' is what one takes to be a handfull of
oil-seed, while another,
when he speaks it, lets spring open a treasure-cave. He has the key."

"Aladin's problem"!  

greetings to all eternal Chippawa's,


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