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Subject: RE: Language Is The House Of Being
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 22:22:17 +0200

From: Tudor Georgescu
> Heidegger's proposition "Language is the house of Being" means that the
> is the body of Hir meaning. As words contain a meaning (information
> ideas), Logos contains Hir secret meaning. As Logos is Life, we may call
> TO BE (a.k.a. Being) the meaning of life. For inferior creatures, e.g.
> stones and dogs, TO BE means simple existence. For superior ones, TO BE
> means manifestation, expression, daring, will.

No no, its like Logos is grounded on his secret meaning and that's sigetics
in Heidegger's _Contributions_.

I might answer you by referring to Why Poets? But, I do not want to
subscribe to Heidegger dogmatism, which Heidegger he tried by all his
efforts to avoid.
It is true that the meaning of life is still secret, but it is the meaning
of my life to get it. And, I'm closing by! If you think not "Being" as put
forward by Parmenide, but "the TO BE" (German: das Sein) you may find it,
I remember a line from Forrest Gump:
- What do you want to be when you'll get older?

I'm trying to do just that. No, not being Forrest Gump...

Become what you are!

Jethro, Priest of On

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