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Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 12:01:07 +0200
Subject: Re: Subject vs Object - Sovereign vs Subjected Object (Slave)

Cologne 08-Jul-2001

     Datum:           Sat, 7 Jul 2001 22:45:38 -0700
       Von:           Kenneth Johnson <> schrieb:

> What makes / how does - a sovereign come "to be"?
> The only thing that can create a sovereign is a sovereign creator. This
> means the sovereign MUST/CAN ONLY create himself out of himself.

Hegel and Marx, at least, disagree with this:
"With such determinations through reflection [here: the mirroring of one
commodity's value in another] it is always a peculiar matter. This person, for
instance, is only a king because other people conduct themselves towards him as
subjects. Conversely, they believe they are subjects because he is king." (_Das
Kapital_ Band I, MEW23:72)

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> Who can judge a sovereign? Anyone. Whose judgement of a sovereign counts?
> No one's but the sovereign's.
> Ergo, Heidegger's purely psycho.logical judgement of Nietzsche's raison
> d'etre for his (dis.covering) conception of Will to Power does not count,
> period!!
> This Man chronicler of Das Man counts mightily among subjects, but does not
> count among these subject's sovereigns, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Heidegger was an original thinker but not, like Nietzsche, a sovereign
> thinker, merely a superabundently bright theologian, a supercharged Plato,
> Augustine, Tertullian, Aquinis or several hundred dozen other ilkies of
> these ilk, no less than these of course but certainly also nothing more.
> You are all bright theo-logic slaves of this brilliant theo-logos slave.
> Pure say, no see.
> You look, for instance, at a strawberry plant for sale in a nursery, but
> what you see are strawberry fields forever - easy to intricately dream the
> details of this field's image in your imag.ination, harder, much harder, to
> actualize.
> But possible, always possible, there is always the always possible, the
> golden hued gold, ay?
> please, rise
> sir kenneth

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