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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 18:07:37 +0200
Subject: Re: Stinking Nihilism and Roses

At 00:51 12-7-01 -0700, Kenneth wrote:

>ps, as for herman brood's suicide there could of course have been something
>quite different going on there than reactivity to the ET, credo experto - -
>or to say, perhaps something more apartake of the circumstance of some
>starkly dark necessity risen all the way up to a deleuzean leap "out into
>the great wide open" (tom petty) - or perhaps also as in Marlow's
>(Conrad's) hesitating foot toward a crossing of "the threshold of the
>invisible" - here in this case the hesitation ended in an ending
>ensuing pause here tho, while i check google for who the guy really was
>back, uhmmm, looks like you were dead on, i had assumed he was a
>philosopher, not a druggie rocknroller kurt cobain imitator, is this
>something becoming endemic in the rnr art form? or always already there -
>but i could easily be wrong and very unfair here, do not know him nor his
>work - -


It was merely the coincidence of Nietzsche's non-jokes and Brood's
jump from the Hilton hotel.
Suppose I write in a mail: I am dynamite (which I won't), and then the Hilton
explodes ...
Nietzsche once lived with some friends in one house, one of them turned
Nietzsche began to have serious doubts about himself. How is
it possible, so close to me? 

but he was more than an imitator, though. I mean Herman


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