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Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 08:14:27 -0700
Subject: RE: Stinking Nihilism and Roses

Tudor Georgescu schreef:

>ps, as for herman brood's suicide there could of course have been something
>quite different going on there than reactivity to the ET, credo experto - -
>or to say, perhaps something more apartake of the circumstance of some
>starkly dark necessity risen all the way up to a deleuzean leap "out into
>the great wide open" (tom petty) - or perhaps also as in Marlow's
>(Conrad's) hesitating foot toward a crossing of "the threshold of the
>invisible" - here in this case the hesitation ended in an ending
>You obviously don't know what follows suicide.

i tink w/ follows suicide is pretty hard not to know.

>Think of having a nightmare. The natural reaction is to wake up and quit
>that sufferance. When you end your own life, you have nowhere to wake up.
>It's a continuous nightmare.
>Nobody killed himself for he broke an arm or a leg. People suicide because
>of terrible soul pain they want to escape. But, this is only an illusion.
>They fully enter the zone they wanted to avoid.

well perhaps for some it is soul stuf related, but for those who plonk
themselves for reasons that, to put it Nietzscheanly succint, plonk simply
because the "the time for "yes" has passed", it is different. Plenty
accompaniment of pathos of course, but none of it false.

and as for entering the zone they wanted to avoid, i see what you mean
here. it bears noting however that while dying is an experience, death is
not, it is the end of experience. "They" don't enter any zone since they no
longer exist as a they. you are using the 'past person' of grammar in error
here by overpersonifying an entity that is no longer a person. - and even
further, they weren't really a 'person' in the first place, but only a form
Will to Power had reactively fashioned itself as.

>While in physic body you are a lot protected from pain. For example, you can
>do a hard physic work. This takes away much of your sufferance. Why do you
>think monks flagellate? To escape soul pain, for carnal pain is much more

I won't even bother commenting this aborted sickness that some forms of
Will to Power experiments itself with, ugh! the 'concept' of disgust, of
will to power as disgust.

>Even an initiate like Crowley couldn't handle soul pain and committed
>suicide. But, he entered afterwards the valley of shadow of death, of whom
>the Tibetan Book of Dead also speaks. There he suffered a lot more from the
>malefic entities he thought he commanded.
>His master, Gurdjieff put his disciples to heavy manual labors just to avoid

well, this logic of cutting off your arms and legs so as to avoid
experiencing any future pain in them is - - to say the least, nauseating -

>Become what you are!

Which is Will to Power and nothing besides and which ergo means there never
was an incarnate "who" there anyway, only an artificial pausation of one
inside the stream and created out of nothing but arrangements inside a
discreet artificial incarnation of 'The Word', all merely a pure
grammatical construct of the verb 'to be', less even than vapor.

And in the end anyway Jethro, at least at here from my perspective, most of
the problems people have with suicide are culturally related. One should
peek a little deeper at all the laws, the mores, the thou shalts and thou
shalt nots, of individuals and societies and instead of knee-jerking along
on their backs, do instead a little Nietzsche on these commandings, by
following his dictum to always "find the force" that created them.

It is these blindly followed cultural impositions showered on everyone from
the cradle to the grave that keeps societies glued together with 'the
necessary lies'. Societies are still pubescent children who need santa
claus and good and evils as veils.

In a more enlightened and open experiencing, an experiencing opposed to
what these societies composed of experimental forms of Will to Power impose
on their experi-mental bodies of will to power, one is able to think of how
a more open society constructed consciously on real Will to Power would
envision death. It would think those valiant spirits who have arrived
finally at their unique and singular point of an open pronouncement of a
holy "NO" to life would deserve the grandest and most completely unpathosed
festival arranged for them for their leavetaking - - -

Sadly, they must still do their deed in the dark corner of the mind, the
blind alley, a place that can be represented by anything, including the
monolith of one of Conrad Hilton's hotels - - and because of these
primitive psychologies, formulations such as the one you describe above
remain the norm, at here, on this, the blue planet -

>Jethro, Priest of On

wass hist you mean w/ "On" - as in 'turned' on?


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