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Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 11:25:10 +0200
Subject: Re: The Recalcitrant Art

Cologne 21-Jul-2001

Stuart Elden schrieb Fri, 20 Jul 2001 21:05:17 +0100:

> >The whole project stylistically smacks of
> >Krell's play with voices in texts...
> Well, on further investigation, this is clearly what it is. For example
> on p228, 'Kenney' suggests 'I have argued elsewhere', in note 4, '
> Kenney' makes reference to 'his' Lunar Voices, which is a book by Krell.
> 'Menner-Bettscheid' replies 'Just listen to yourself: "I have argued
> elsewhere". Don't you that these words invariably introduce the worst
> stupidities into a text?...' Clearly Krell is having an internal
> dialogue, with himself, indeed the role of Sabine is a kind of 'herself'
> as a 'feminist' critique of sorts. One of 'her' points is the
> marginalisation of 'Diotima' - the letters are of interest because of
> their male addressee. etc.
> And right at the end of the book, p255/6 the texts on parallel pages
> coincide for the last half page.
> I guess that Sabine Menner-Bettscheid is a play on words - my German is
> not very good, but isn't the surname something akin to 'my separate bed'
> ?

Hi Stuart,
The name sounds a bit like 'men's bedside'. Does Sabine have a 'bedside'

I'm afraid I don't know the book.

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> I'm still intrigued though - anyone else know anything?
> Stuart
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Betreff:           The Recalcitrant Art
     Datum:           Fri, 20 Jul 2001 19:25:27 +0100
       Von:           Stuart Elden <>

Does anyone know the book The Recalcitrant Art: Diotoma's Letters to
Hoelderlin and Related Missives, (SUNY Press, 2000)?

It claims to be the work of Douglas F Kenney, who translated the
letters of Suzette Gontard, 'Diotima' (these letters are, at least,
genuine) and Sabine Menner-Bettscheid, who writes a kind of commentary,
part scholarly, part fictional. The letters appear on the left hand
page, the commentary on the right. The editors/translators/commentators
make note of their disagreement about how the book was to be presented
in their preface. The foreward by David Farrell Krell states that
Kenney and Menner-Bettscheid died in a car crash while the manuscript
was under consideration, and that he then took charge of seeing it
through to completion.

But my suspicions were aroused by a number of things - Kenney's
initials are the same as Krell's, and Krell is listed as the author in
the Library of Congress data in the inside cover. His name is the only
one beside the title on the cover. On investigation, neither Kenney nor
Menner-Bettscheid appear in library catalogues, despite Kenney
apparently having written 'monographs on a number of figures in German
literature and philosophy'. The whole project stylistically smacks of
Krell's play with voices in texts...

Does anyone know anything else, anything at all, about this text?



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