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Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 11:37:30 +0200
Subject: Re: perish in the attempt then

Cologne 27-Jul-2001

          Tue, 24 Jul 2001 17:25:14 -0700
          Kenneth Johnson <> schrieb:

> Michael Eldred schrieb:
> >Kenneth,
> >
> >"Denn nicht dass einer von der urteilslosen, sooft betoerten Menge fuer einen
> >grossen Mann gehalten werde, sondern dass er es sei, macht ihn beneidenswert;
> >auch nicht, dass die Nachwelt von ihm erfahre, sondern dass in ihm sich
> >Gedanken erzeugen, welche verdienen, Jahrhunderte hindurch aufbewahrt und
> >nachgedacht zu werden, ist ein hohes Glueck." (A. Schopenhauer _Aphorismen zur
> >Lebensweisheit_ 'Von dem, was einer vorstellt' Kroener Verlag, Stuttgart 1956
> >S.124)
> >
> >"For not that someone is regarded as a great man by the so frequently beguiled
> >crowd, lacking in judgement, makes him enviable, but that he is one; nor that
> >posterity learns something of him, but that thoughts are engendered in him
> >which deserve to be preserved and pondered on for centuries to come is great
> >happiness." ('Of that which one represents')
> >
> >Michael
> Tres tres bon, Michael!!!
> Perhaps strangely - perhaps not, but these two together causes to wander
> into my mind some intuitive grasp of Nietzsche's warriorism, his high
> estimation of the warrior spirit as that singular event, as the one who's
> great and high self-driven goal is dominion over the earth. Not so much as
> if it were that this warriorspirit's effort is one felt as needing to be
> undertaken to 'improve' the earth for the masses, tho perhaps that would be
> the front presented to his soldiers toward the why of their efforts, but
> rather that he knows almost anything would of necessity have to be better
> than what he sees around him, the incessant crowd that seeks nothing higher
> for the earth than a personal fat happy machinational machinic mundanity,
> diversified stock portfolios all tended with care as if creating for
> themselves some green edenic garden in which the massive masses can grow
> massively old and be massively interred massively 'happy ever after' in - -
> one gets an inkling while wandering around inside this sentiment of what
> may have lain behind heidegger's refusal - - -
> Regards Michael,
> the piano player (don't shoot me) kenneth


"The first person, said he, of our society, is doctor Nonentity, a metaphysician.
Most people think him a profound scholar; but as he seldom speaks, 1 cannot be
positive in that particular; he generally spreads himself before the fire, sucks
his pipe, talks little, drinks much, and is reckoned very good company.  I'm told
he writes indexes to perfection, he makes essays on the origin of evil,
philosophical enquiries upon any subject, and draws up an answer to any book upon
twenty-four hours warning.  You may distinguish him from the rest of the company by
his long grey wig, and the blue handkerchief round his neck." (Oliver Goldsmith
_The Citizen of the World or Letters from a Chinese Philosopher residing in London
to his friends in the East_ 1760 Folio Society, London 1969 p.99f)

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