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Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 01:58:11 +0200
Subject: Re: (fwd) eyewitness account of Genoa

I am sorry Jan, but this is so damned out rageous that I have to speak. You 
are in fact claiming that there is a conspiracy between a 'black block' and 
the police that makes violence prevalent.

This is outrageous. Do you really claim that the persons involved in smashing 
up Genoa were in an agreement with the police so that they could smash up 
the city and so that the police - and I have no idea from where you get that 
perverse idea - could go out and beat up and shoot the non-violent demonstrators?

Oh, the police are so bored normally that they are glad that they can make 
some kind of agreement with a bunch of idiots who are prepared to destroy 
the city the police is living in, so that the police can have some fun smashing 
a lot of peaceful demonstrators and ruin the rest of the city....

I am sorry, Jan, but I witnessed the same thing in Göteborg, and I can simply 
not realize how anyone intelligent like you can come up with a claim like 

On the other hand, I believe that someone - and I don't know who - should 
involve the so-called Black Block in discussions prior to violence, because 
the frustration they show must be tackled differently, and it is - from my 
understanding - important that their arguments be heard, but not their violence.
  That would not be in accordance with democracy.

The one who uses violence in order to show an opinion will never win the debate.
  She may come out on top, but only by setting fear and terror and not by demonstrating 
a wise opinion.


Kim Gammelgård

P.S. I have been to peaceful demonstrations with 50000+ people in Italy before.
  The Italian police was very polite at that occassion, and I doubt that the 
Genoese police are much different from that...

lørdag den 28 juli 2001 kl. 23:45 skrev Jan Straathof :

> The provocateur tactic of infiltration of peaceful demonstrators by
> members of the so-called "black bloc" and their alliance with the
> Italian police indicates the preference for violence to enforce adherence
> to the new global superbarons of capitalist globalization.

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